White fluffy rugs for living room for clean look and soft touch

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As the front face of our house, living room requires more attention about what impression you want to show to your guest. To create certain impression you do not need to renovate your living room totally. You may only need to add some accentuates to your living room. Adding accent to your living room can be done by simply putting flower vase or a sectional rug near your sofa set. For a long time, having rug is the preferable choice of accentuating room. Therefore, here are two white fluffy rugs for living room that might be a good reference for your space.

The first rug is Boice White Area Rug that is taken from the collection of Varick Gallery. This serene white rug is a beautiful company for a modern to contemporary interior design. Its light sense and tranquility will match with wooden tile floor, and clean line furniture. Crafted from polyester fiber and finished in acrylic style makes this Boice rug a unique and long-lasting high quality rug. The soft and fluffy surface makes it friendly even to bare foot touch. To support its performance, backing rug pad is required to avoid slip. Another thing to notice is regarding to its maintenance, its fluffy surface oblige us to contact professional laundry cleaner to clean it up. We can minimize the cleaning load by regularly vacuuming it to remove dust and mites, also pet’s hair that is trapped in its surface. At the end, Varick Gallery asks $64.02 as the compensation for producing it.

The second rug is Renwick White Area Rug from the collection of Mercer 41. This simple, stylish and soft rug will be a wonderful addition to your living room. Its solid white hue will complement several types of interior design. Modern, contemporary, to industrial interior style are the design that will being rocked after it gets this rug as the complement. You may try to set our room based on its solid white color. If you are having this rug in your living room, you may combine it with metal feet table and white sectional sofa.

Tufted from polypropylene material this rug is promising a long lasting using effect. For a firm base, you need to set a rug pad behind this shag rug. This to avoid unwanted slipped from the rug. For the cleaning and maintenance, you are strongly recommended to have a professional rug cleaner once in a while. This rug even cannot be manually vacuumed to keep its softness, and to avoid miss procedure in cleaning spot stain. Mercer asks $64.99 for the compensation before you are bringing this rug home.

It may not explained yet, that both Boice White and Renwick White area rug is an oval rug. Different from the ordinary area rug that is square, both rugs simply brings different statement from its shape. That is why, just by having one of these two fluffy rugs, you elevate your living room one level higher.

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